The Professor’s Wife’s Illegal Immigrant Father

Akos Mary’s father had the chance to remain on in England after her wedding to Professor Tom Arthur. He required money from his daughter but have been scared off when Kwame Mainu threatening to reveal him. It had been many years later when Kwame known as on Akos Mary with a few disturbing news. She opened up the doorway with a few surprise. She’d been expecting a personal hairdressing client. The moment Kwame was settled having a glass water she requested, ‘What brings you at this time around, Kwame?’

‘When we originated from Ghana,’ he started, ‘We introduced you some edible snails from Comfort however they were removed from us in the airport terminal.’

‘Yes, I recall,A Akos Mary responded.

‘Well, I’ve now learned they found cocaine within the snails are you aware anything about this?A

He immediately regretted making this type of blunt statement since the heavily pregnant lady before him stopped working in tears. ‘Oh Kwame, what have I done? Shall We Be Held in danger?’ He hastened to reassure her, ‘No immediate trouble so far as I understand.A

The sobbing endured, ‘Oh Kwame, it’s my dad again, he’ll never leave me in peace. If only Dr Arthur had not asked him towards the wedding.’

‘What’s he thus far?A

‘The old business: demanding money.’

‘Did he has any?’

‘I gave him things i could but he stated it had not been enough.’

‘What then?’

‘He stated I have to give to him the snails that you simply were getting from Ghana.’

‘So he or she must have been aware of the cocaine.’

‘Do you believe he’s became a member of the cartel?’

‘It sounds as if he may did.A

Kwame sitting alone while uncle fought against to recuperate her composure. He appreciated Mr Konadu only too well: an absent father, restless unsuccessful trader and opportunist who’d grabbed his one large chance in existence being an illegal immigrant within the United kingdom. He wondered if Konadu had legalised his status. Otherwise, Kwame resolved, he’d execute his threat to report him towards the police. ‘Where is he remaining now?’ he requested, ‘Do you’ve any information?’ Akos Mary passed him a slip of paper using what appeared as if an unknown number.

‘What will you do?’

‘I threatened to do something if he troubled you again, and i’ll.A

‘What action?’

‘I’ll not let you know, so nobody know you had been involved.’

The doorbell rang and Akos Mary rapidly began to correct her face. ‘Kwame, do you want to open the doorway, show Mrs Richards in to the other room and state that I’m going to be right along?’ It had not been a real question, and Kwame did not enjoy it, but he completed his instructions towards the letter. Mrs Richards later accented Akos Mary on her behalf husband’s impeccable manners