The UK Claims Process: How the Claims Portal can Help You with Your Work Injury Claim

There is good news for those who have sustained an injury at work and are thinking of claiming compensation. Previously, the time it took to claim (and receive) the compensation you deserve would have been from a few weeks to several years. The reason why it often took some time was due to two factors: determining who was at fault and determining how much compensation to award the victim. If the party you were claiming from admitted their fault and agreed on the amount without question, then the claim could be settled in a few months. However, if the opposing party did not agree with your claim or the amount, the case could go to court – and this would often take years.

What the government has done

The good news is that the government has already introduced a faster system for road accident cases as well as cases of employer liability and public liability. These cases would have to have a value between £1,000 and 25,000, however, but they can often be settled in as little as six months.


The government’s Ministry of Justice set up a ‘claims portal’ in 2010, in which an electronic form can be sent for those wanting to make a claim for road accidents, injuries or accidents in the workplace, and injuries in public spaces. The ‘claims portal’ is able to handle cases where the compensation expected is not more than £25,000. Thanks to the ‘claims portal’, claiming compensation has become a more standardised and organised process. For instance, in the portal, there is a time limit imposed as soon as a claim is submitted. This time limit is for the opposing party – whether they deny or accept the claim, they need to do it within this time frame. For employer liability cases, the time limit is set at 30 days.

If you have a personal injury solicitor and specialist (such as one from by your side, they can easily use the ‘claims portal’ and enter the various details of your case so they can create an EL1, or Claim Notification Form. This form will be received by your employer, who will have to respond within the given time. Based on your employer’s response, you can accept or reject the compensation, or, if your employer does not want to accept responsibility, take it a step further to court.

It is important to seek help from an experienced solicitor as they can give you advice on how to go about the entire process and what compensation to accept. If you are seeking compensation for burns, for instance, the amount you receive will depend on the severity of your burn injury. Other factors which affect the compensation amount include the degree of suffering and pain, changes in your way of life, and more.